In construction, concrete is the foundation of many major projects. Therefore, it is imperative that concrete used in construction be strong, crack resistant and workable. Admixtures are used to improve or change specific properties in concrete and improve the quality of concrete construction projects. GCP Applied Technologies" concrete admixtures do more than just improve the strength of the concrete; they also can be used to add color or texture to the concrete for decorative purposes. GCP has an extensive portfolio of concrete admixtures to ensure that all criteria are met and the finished product meet the requirements of the contractor, architect and building/project owner.

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More than 80 years ago, we pioneered the development of chemical compounds for use in cement grinding. Since then, we have remained on the cutting edge in the development of chemical additives that improve grinding efficiency, reduce the cost of production, improve the quality of cement and help meet environmental objectives. In addition to offering a full line of standard grinding aids, quality improvers and masonry cement additives, GCP has developed a proprietary method to customize and optimize formulations to provide specific benefits for individual cement plants. GCP ensures that all of our additives are of the highest quality and that they are in compliance with regulatory requirements and meet all local standards.

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Our Capabilities

We are professional by global standards We combine technical sales and experienced supply chain to provide the products and services that meet your chemical needs. Our Capabilities

Professionals in fields of chemical, business development and operational management are the core of our excellence. Hundreds of our staff have good background including chemical expertise and quality management. They are capable to act as front line technical support to customers to handle all quality and application matters.

By leveraging the combined local infrastructures and service capabilities, we are able to provide globally competitive, locally responsive supply chain services to both our customers and the chemical suppliers.

We have an extensive network with long-term relationships in chemical markets.

Strategic relationships with chemical factories in global and locally serve as a valuable resource to SAM customers, enabling them to procure chemical based products necessary for their diverse and complex applications. We work closely with our suppliers to help our customers achieve their goals.


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